If you have had a psychological, cognitive, neurological or physical injury or illness, an acute or chronic condition, have been exposed to trauma or an unforeseen accident, you may have difficulty with your daily occupations at home, work or in the community.

Occupation Matters can help you develop a transition plan to transform your life through healthy occupation. Together with you, we navigate and plan a sensible pathway through these significant life transitions. We support your choices, set realistic goals, and find the best evidence to support your journey.  We coach you to confidently manage each personal, environmental and occupational challenge ahead.

Your goal may be to:

  • Return to productive work after injury or illness, or a long period of time off work.
  • Transition to an alternative career that better matches your skills, interests and capacity.
  • Understand and manage a chronic injury, illness or symptoms that impacts on your health and wellbeing.
  • Improve your functional strengths and obtain effective domestic or personal assistance to support your everyday activities.
  • Become more independent in daily self-care activities by using equipment and aids.
  • Improve access to and participation in occupational roles at home, in your family and/or in the community.