Using a Coaching model, we can assist you with decisions and pathways for changing careers when you have a disability, injury or illness. Occupational Coaching programs are designed to help better understand an injury, illness or disability and enable decision making during times of significant personal change. Life challenges might include loss of employment, change in family circumstance, or relocation. We recognise that making decisions and moving forward can be difficult, especially when there are complex circumstances. Coaching is also available for insurers and case managers who are supporting people with complex conditions and psychosocial disabilities who are not following a usual pathway of recovery or disability journey.

Coaching includes:

  • Vocational Redirection Coaching
  • Tailored Job Seeking Competency Training
  • Tailored Job Seeking Support
  • Injury or Disability Management Advisory Services for Insurers around complex or psychosocial disabilities, injuries and illnesses.