Tailored functional programs are developed by an Occupational Therapist with you and your care team to support your personal goals for work, home and community participation. Programs can be provided in the home, day programs, workplace or in the community. We use smart goal setting, person-centred approaches as well as work in naturalistic settings. This helps to work through the barriers to participation in work, home and community activities. Each program is reviewed and tailored to meet your needs. Collaboration with other treating health professionals, families and care teams ensures that the gains you make, are fully supported and sustainable.

Programs include:

  • Capacity Building Programs e.g. Independent Living Skills Training for personal hygiene, encouraging healthy routines
  • Disability Prevention e.g. Falls Prevention, reducing work disability due to managing a chronic medical condition
  • Return to Work Programs (current job)
  • Work Transition Programs (new job transition)
  • Assistive Technology Trials